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We specialize in cheap color printing and color copies done digitally via the world wide web. We offer our online color printing and copying services exclusively through this website, which allows you to save more money than ever before on high-quality color copies and digital prints. We also specialize in printing booklets and books, postcards, business cards, calendars, and more. Check out our huge line of discounted color printing products below. Clicking on one of our print products below or on the left-side navigation bar will take you to our automated ordering form. As you fill in specs on your printing job, a little box will calculate your cost in real-time. Get the exact cost of your job in just seconds -- which means you don't have to e-mail in your entire job information and wait for several hours just to figure out if we're in your budget!

Not sure about us? We can't blame you. The Web is a shady place these days. But we've been generating thousands of satsified customers dating back to the 1980s! Check out our testimonials page to read what just a few of our customers have had to say about our color printing and copying services in the past.

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Products and Services

Here is a list of the various products and services we currently offer:

Color Copies

Color copies are a cheap and effective way to communicate ideas to a broad audience. This includes fliers, brochures, posters, tri-fold pamphlets, or any print product that is 1 or more pages with no binding. When printing double-sided color copies, it is recommended you upgrade your paper type to at least the 24/60# paper. Lighter paper runs the risk of showing through to the backside when color is heavily saturated. Files should be prepared using the CMYK color scheme, which is what most digital printers use. Your design program should have an option to design in CMYK (along with RGB, Grayscale, etc.). We prefer files in PDF format. Files uploaded in other formats will be converted to PDF and sent back to you for approval. Be sure to check the PDF proof to ensure everything looks the same. Odd things can happen when converting file types, hence the advantage of you uploading it to us as a PDF.

Booklets (Magazine Style)

Booklets are color copies which are typically laid out 2-up on an 11" x 17" sheet (as opposed to 8.5" x 11"), double-sided, and arranged so that when collated together and folded, the result is a magazine-like booklet whose page sequence reflects the order of pages in the original PDF file. We currently offer booklet printing at no additional cost to the price of printing regular color copies. When submitting a file for a book or booklet job, please lay out your PDF file in the regular, page-by-page format (not as a book). Hint: each "page" you view on your screen should appear as an actual page in your book, rather than showing two consecutive pages side by side.

Spiral-Bound Books

Spiral bound books are color or black and white copies, double or single sided, printed on standard sized paper and stacked together. The sheets are then drilled and a spiral or coil is inserted through the holes to create a book. Spiral-bound books are both cheaper and more durable than GBC- or comb-bound books.

Comb-Bound Books

These are the same as the spiral-bound books, but instead of having a spiral inserted, a comb-like piece of plastic GBC binding is inserted. Though less durable and slightly more expensive than spiral-bound books, comb-bound books are great in situations where you may want to add or subtract pages in the future. This can be done with a machine or, more tediously, with one's hands by pulling back the individual "teeth" of the comb and sliding hole-punched sheets in or out.

Perfect-Bound Books

Perfect binding is a bindery method often used for magazines, soft-cover books, manuals and work books, among other product types. They are created by printing a cover on a heavy cardstock, then binding the internal pages into the spine of the cover using a strong but flexible heated adhesive. As the glue cools and dries, it holds the pages tightly in place. The uneven edges of the sheets are then face-trimmed to make the edges square.

Business Cards

You can design your own business cards with our built-in custom design form (which includes dozens of themed background images), or upload your own design. Our business cards are printed on 80# or 100# cardstock and are also available on our new 100% post-consumer recycled 80# cardstock. Their standard size is 2" H x 3.5" W and are automatically printed with a full bleed. Note: we do not currently offer double-sided business cards.


Postcards are printed on 80# or 100# cardstock and are also available on our new 100% post-consumer recycled 80# cardstock. They are available double- or single-sided.

We've served clients ranging from colleges to libraries, churches to multinational corporations, TV networks to local newspapers, and beyond. Here are just a few of the customers we've served:

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